Real Estate Photography


Who Can Benefit From Real Estate Drone Photography:


Real estate drone photography is great for agents and brokers who want to add a “wow” factor to their unique and luxury listings, large properties, and homes with a view.

Real estate drone photography is right for the following professionals:


  • Solo Agents with a Large Operating Budget – Solo agents can benefit from incorporating drone footage into their more impressive listings. However, depending on your portfolio and budget, it may not make sense to purchase your own equipment and obtain an operator’s license.

  • Luxury Agents and Teams – If you specialize in luxury properties and want to record drone footage to help your listing compete with other high-end homes, a drone or drone operator can be an excellent investment.

  • Brokerages – Large brokerages with room in their budget may have the resources to handle drone footage in-house or hire a professional operator, photographer, and editor. Decide what’s best for your team based on the number of properties that are suited to drone photography, and the best way to get the results you need.

*While drone photography can elevate a listing by showcasing a property from all angles and with cinematic flourish, it’s not necessary for properties that are smaller or have fewer features/amenities to showcase.