FASTCAT NY 8-26-23

Hi, Great to see you Again,

It is Always wonderful to make 'New Friends through the Lens'.

This is the place where you will find the Latest information on photographs from your event.

Completion, viewing and availability, as well as Special Order and Finish request information will also be available here.

Check back here for updates or drop us a line below with any questions, comments or concerns. 


09-05-23, Holiday over... Back at it.

  I sure hope that everyone is enjoying the previews below as much as I am.

  We have processed over 700 images today alone, and are viewing gems for every hound. I'm sure that each entrant will find photographs of their champion that will show the determination, effort and sometimes simply the fun and enthusiasm of a leisurely 'stroll down the lane.'  It seems that no matter how they finish, these overgrown puppies always come through with a glamour pose or two. They do not disappoint.

NOTE: To speed the process and offer more selection, we may show a single image but not show a group of connected images simply because they are very similar. Therefore, if you like an image yet 'wish that this or that thing could be different' (Change backgrounds, eliminate distractions etc.), let me know. You would be amazed at what our studio can do. 

It won't be long now. Our original Gallery Date was estimated for Sept. 11 (Holiday involved) and it looks like that is still a solid date.

More soon. Thanks for stopping by.




09-01-23,  Approximately 50% complete.

  The images are being sifted and sorted and some are already receiving additional Final Processing to give you an idea of what can be accomplished in the studio. 

(See below for a preview or two.)

  Every image that you will view on the upcoming Gallery Site will be pre-determined to be one that will 'final process' to an acceptable photograph.

  In outdoor photography, distance creates issues. On a hot sunny day, even more issues.  Heat radiates up from the ground and creates waves that distort what the camera lens sees. The further the distance the more the distortion... or blur. This is why there are photos that appear blurry. There are also images that appear clear but even those can be enhanced if desired. Either way, we can 'fix it.'

  When it comes time to view your 'Champions' gallery, and make your selections, remember that you will be looking at a moment in time and only determining if you like that moment. We'll take care of the rest.

Check back for updates.



8-28-23: With a starting point of 3300 images, there is much culling, color balance, some cropping and of course organizing of the images so that you can find your hound among the many that participated. Bear with us, even if you need to sift through a few to get there, it will be a pleasant trip.

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your wonderful friends as they performed at their best for you. I love All dogs and it was an honor to be a part of your event, I look forward to presenting our images to you.





**Random pre-gallery images will appear at:

until the complete gallery is posted. If you recognize a face, spread the word.

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The Gallery is Ready.


Fast CAT 2023 N.Y.


Hi Folks!

  I have asked Julie to forward this email to you all, and I hope that it finds you well.

Happy to tell you that Your gallery is ready to be viewed.

  If you participated in the Fast CAT event on SATURDAY AUGUST 26th. your hound's photograph is here.

  If your pup only entered the Starting Area and went no farther than 5 uninterested feet before turning attentions elsewhere... their image is here. 

Each and every dog to enter the 'Starting Area' was photographed.

  Also, we may have referred to your pal by a species name that is different or 'Flat Out' wrong. Not our intention. We use a multi-species identifying App. for filing and although it has been remarkably accurate... we also use photographs to help you locate your dog among the masses.

  I hope that you enjoy these memory moments and they bring a smile to you.

  We can do anything with your photograph from making it a 'Trophy Commemorative Photograph' to changing backgrounds, eliminating distractions or turning your favorite image into a fine art print that you would be proud to frame and hang on any wall. Ask us... we can help.

  It was a pleasure to meet all of you and photograph each and every hound. They are special and I appreciate your sharing them with me in this special way.

  Please use the contact information below as needed.

  Until we meet again... Tally-Ho.




Your Hound as Wall Art

Even on a day when your pal just doesn't feel like running, they can still have a Championship Moment.

We ALWAYS find a photo.


Heat waves over distance cause a blur to a camera lens. In action photos over open ground it's tough.

We Fix That.

A Boy and His Dog

A boy and his dog make a glorious pair:
No better friendship is found anywhere,
For they talk and they walk and they run and they play,
And they have their deep secrets for many a day;
And that boy has a comrade who thinks and who feels,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

Edgar Albert Guest  




Adding Event and Statistical Data to that 'Special Image', along with matting and framing makes artwork you will be proud to display.


Not quite. When it comes to putting a Breed to a Photograph, it could be crazy unless you are a 'Breed Expert'.

We use an App. which is called 'Dog Scanner' it also does Cats and Horses.

When we categorize your hound, we scan a photograph of him/her and like a 'Magic 8 Ball' it gives us a detailed account of the dog.

Please keep in mind that nothing is perfect, as many dogs are listed as mixed breeds. We use the highest % for filing.

This hound: 63.4% Doberman Pinscher, 22.5% Black & Tan Coonhound, 7% Polish Hunting Dog, (110% Competitor.)

Look for him filed under the heading 'Doberman Pinscher'

Heart & Soul

The Smiles of Champions

'You're My Best Friend.'

( Freddy Mercury, 1975 )